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What is a polyamine?
A polyamine is an organic compound containing tow or more amino groups.

Name and structure of Putrescine:

butane-1,4- diamine putrescine_2_cycle.gif

Putrescine propertie:

Molecular formula: C4H12N2
Melting point of 27°C
Boling point of 158–160C
Molar mass of 88.15

How Putrescine is made?

Putrescine is produced by the break down of amino acids in living and non living organisms.However this compound can also be produced artificially on industrial scale by hydrogenation and succinonitrile, which originally come from cyanide and acrylonitrile.

How does this polyamine affect humans?

Putrescine is an essential constituent of all eukaryotic cells; it is the simplest factor necessary for cell division. This compound is very important as it’s required for growth- related process, like the transcription of specific genes in an embryo. However it can be highly toxic if its produces in high doses. Putrescine is also responsible for the smell of decaying organism and bad breath.
Putrescine and other organic chemicals were being studied as a hormonal feed back of cell production, in patients with breast cancer. The results showed that Putrescine inhibit the breast cancer cell proliferation.

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Interesting facts about Putrescine:
Putrescine (sometimes spelled putrescin) was first discovered in meat.
Putrescine is related Cadeverine, and together they are found in semen and micro-algae.

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